Felt & Carpet

Whatever the Steel Application, Applefelt has the Felt or Carpet to Help Get the Job Done

When we entered the metals industry in 1982, Applefelt was one of the original suppliers that pioneered developing different blends, denures and densities of tensioning felt.

Today, Applefelt continues its goal to keep every customer satisfied with our felts. Rest assured that Applefelt understands the high demands for quality in the steel industry and our extensive line of felt products are here to help our customers achieve top performance when slitting steel.

Applefelt can supply a varied array of thickness and density in both synthetic and wool felts up to 2” thick with a 270 ounce per square yard density. We offer felts that are made with polyester, polypropylene nylon and Kevlar™. Our SAE wools are pressed or polyester/wool blends. Applefelt’s carpets are commercial grade and are offered with felt backing to work with our Apple-Stix tension board system, or the economical Action Back made with a jute or polypropylene backing.

Our felts can be made to wick and absorb surface oils on both hot and cold rolled steels, and in other steel processing applications.

Also, these felts can be used in shipping and receiving areas, by laying felt strips to separate coils to prevent denting and scratching.

See the list below of our more popular felts and their recommended application.

Applefelt Type Thickness Description Recommended Steel Applications
Most Popular Felt
85-Green Tint 3/8”, 5/16” Medium Density, Polyester/Nylon Felt Hot Rolled, P&O
133 oz. 1/2” High Density, Polyester Felt Hot Rolled, Hot Rolled Black
100 oz. 3/8” Medium Density, Polyester Felt Cold Rolled
90 oz. 3/8”, 5/16” Medium Density, Hard Surface Polyester Felt Cold Rolled
85 oz. 3/8”, 5/16” Medium Density, Soft Surface Polyester Felt Cold Rolled
72 oz. 1/4”, 3/8” Medium Density, Polyester Felt Galvanized, Galvalum, Cold Rolled
64 oz. 1/4” Medium Density, Semi-Soft Surface Polyester Felt Galvanized, Galvalum
50 oz. 3/8”, 1/4” Low Density, Very Soft Surface Polyester Felt Pre-Painted, Painted, Stainless, Aluminum
40 oz. .4, 1/4” Low Density, Very Soft Surface Polyester Felt Pre-Painted, Painted, Stainless
32 oz. 1/8” Medium Density, Polyester Felt Painted, Pre-Painted, Aluminum, Brass, Copper
Wool/Sheet Felts 1/4" SAE Specified Wool Content, Poly-Wool Blend Available Wicking, Wiping, Vibration
Felt Back Carpet 1/4" Cut Pile or Loop Styles, with Felt Bag can be used for Apple-Stix Systems Hot Rolled, Thick Cold Rolled
Action Back Carpet 1/4" Cut Pile, Jute or Polypropylene Backing, Economical and Durable Hot Rolled, Thick Cold Rolled
Specialty Felt
High Temperature Felt/Blankets 1/8", 1/2" 400 + Degrees Aluminum Processing, Hi-Temp Environments
1201 3/8" Hard Finish, Wear Resistant Hot Rolled, Embossed
Carpet Carpet Felt Felt